Wave The Flag and Die?

this post is dedicated:

to those who lost their lives while serving the nation.

to their Family, Friends and everyone who cares.

to You and I. appreciate life and thank God.

they're gone. destiny gone.

some died while at work

some, en-route to or from work

some, because of work.

you still have yours so be thankful.

today again, I went on the journey.

dressed to serve. In green and white.

instead we, the dressed servants kept quiet for a minute.

so our dead fellows could Rest in Perfect Peace.

Wave The Flag and Die.

for one of the victims of a bomb attack 

after the nysc work.

his back was on the cold floor.

not his desire.

pain roamed through his body.

he tried to get up.

aargh! the ache.

aches all over his body.

weeping, his eyes ached.

his legs. his hands. his body.

then his mind.


he'd heard the sound.

the fragmentation. the screaks.

he sweated. he bled. he cried.


walking back home, on the phone.

laughing. chatting. walking.


he had just been accepted to work in the bank.

he passed the test. he had a chance to be retained there.


his mother on the other side of the phone.

praising him and thanking him.

her only Son. her only one.


he sang aloud with his friends.

"youths OBEY the clarion call, let us lift our nation high.

under the SUN or in the RAIN, with dedication and selflessness.

Nigeria's ours, Nigeria we serve."


he threw up his cap. he flung his gown.

a graduate. the first and only.

his Father shook him. and squeezed his robe.

oh! was he proud!

his only child with a First class.


blank. white. blurry lights.

he blinked. he breathed.

the pain. and aches.

he sighed.

he longed for another round

of flashes.

his mind was shut.

his life was gone.

Rest in perfect peace.

15 thoughts on “Wave The Flag and Die?

  1. olufadesomi………i am stunned………i was always right about you..in this writing, you exhibited the class i fell in love with. brilliant perspective.. brilliant thought..

  2. Yemi says:

    So sincere, so simple, so true.. You rili have a way with words, poetry isn’t for evrybody, this is a good example of how poetry shld be when done the right way,simple yet deep. Keep it up..

  3. Betty says:

    Somi, this is beautiful! You write excellently well!

    I have no pithy words for the families of the gone.. But there’s one who knows my thoughts before I speak.. He will comfort.

  4. Remy says:

    Wow, u paint such a vivid picture and I feel like I’m right there with him..u are so good babe!! The sky is def just ur starting point! X

  5. annie says:

    Awwww babe! This is gooooooood. Am proud of us! We did it! Yaaay! Touchn touchn story.u did a wonderful job.

  6. may their souls rest in peace and i pray God should grant the families of these youths the fortitude to bear this loss.so pathetic that these people lost their lives while serving this nation and the fg gave each family just N5m…what a slap in their faces…

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