From wanderings, I’m back.

It wasn't really my fault 
or anyone's for that matter. 
I guess I'd found new loves, 
friends and other things 
which I can't remember. 

But i'd forgotten

someone truly important:


the inner me.
the story teller.
the art lover.

The wanderer.
The wonderer.

I didn't build her up - enough.
but I still can. with even more love.

The wonderer.
The one who sat and thought 
and wrote and sought..
I forgot. 
To take the time to write my thoughts.

I did try sometimes but I was so engrossed..
With growth, growing, I guess..

But now I'm back,
with all my heart.
I need my heart.

No, not my might.
But with all the stories 
my eyes saw, heart encountered.
my eyes see and heart encounters. 

I will write them here. 
day by day, I'll remember.
and do my best.

With all my heart.

all of me

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