Photo by @drakouantigoni (IG)

Someone’s calling,
summoning you.
to come back
to come now.
To who you were created to be.
To resist all the fears and insecurities.

Someone’s calling.

Listen, my dear.
Respond. Adhere.
Someone’s calling.

Calling your name
to be great.

And you know? This someone – it’s you – calling your name – to be great

Psst. Listen. To you.
Calling your name.
You can be great.

For: The man/woman who says ‘I have no talent; I have no support; I have no money; I have no ……’

You have you. YOU.
You are your greatest asset.
Your mind, darling.
Your ideas.
Your perseverance.
Your dreams.
Your voice.
Your attitude.
Determines your altitude.
Your desires.
Your passion.
Your beliefs.
Your attention.
Your understanding.


To you calling your name.

Exercise: Call your name out and say ‘I can be great. I can be …’. Then smile (Repeat)

if there’s a mirror, do it in front of one. Then go ahead and be great.

Dont just say it. Believe it. Do it.

Be great.

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