For the fearless

Less of me and more of God. Did you say you don’t believe? in a God. But you believe in a god? Don’t answer that. you know that you’re a god – 

breathing, creating, stating beliefs. 

I don’t understand you. You breathe the air you did not create but you go on and wake up and breathe the air you did not create, over and over, day by day. 

I don’t believe you – when you say you don’t believe that you were created because you go on and create things – beautifully made  things, and even little beings and you say “there is no Creator.”

You amuse me – stating beliefs but doubting the truth, written in leaves of paper: for your guidance, reproof, proof that indeed there is a God who can speak – stating His truth to guide you, chastise you, prove to you that He exists. 

Enough! You walk away with your beliefs. Head up high – look at the sky and take some time. To wonder – 

is there really no God? 

stars shining so bright at night; sun travelling within the clouds; flowers beaming and blooming so sweetly; the air you breathe and need to live; the waters you drink and bathe within; the streams that you pollute; shadows waving back at you; other humans laughing with you; laughter – where does it come from; emotions; tears; joy; little drops drizzling from the sky; a downpour; rain; showers – who controls these? you? the words you write.. are they true? who believes them? only you?

Is there really no God?

There is a God.

And He’s just like you – in image. 

Not in power and not in splendour. Not in might. He’s our mentor – 

He said let us create (wo)man in our image – after our likeness. behaviour, beliefs, abilities, capabilities. If (s)he believes. 

Believe thou fearless. 

Fear God. 

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