Women are trying, dying, crying, but are living, believing. ðŸŒ¸

art by @drakouantigoni (on IG)

‘.. and Mary Magdalene..’

That’s okay my darling. I know you know much about the bible but your baby is starving. Please feed her. 

‘… The milk.. I’m not having.. (sobs) I’m not having any.. (pause).. what if she dies mummy.. what if my baby dies mummy.. (sobs).’

Love, you’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.  You hear me, my darling. Weeping may endure for a night but our joy will come in the morning. 

‘..Mum, I’m not okay, am I?’

You’re fine baby. My darling you’re..

‘Stop lying! Aaaarghh!’

(Sobs) My darling, stop.. stop shouting. you’re already dying, inside you are dying.. stop.. (Pause) (Sigh) I’m trying.. I am. Just let me help you.. please. I love you. 


No darling, stop sighing. You’ll be fine. I promise. You’re trying. You’re trying too. We’ll be fine. And your baby too. We will all be fine. Okay?


Yes, my darling. 

‘You’re annoying.’

– postpartum depression. Did you know? That women, and other women are trying? Be kind. 🌸

‘..crying. The baby’s crying, mum.’

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