How I visited 14 cities in less than a month – 21 days Part 2 – The Photos – Switzerland.

Hii. Hope you’re having a lovely day and all.

Welcome to part 2.

If you’re interested in knowing more about my travelling and how I was able to commit to a budget, this is the link:

I’m only telling my own story and not saying it must be emulated because it could be a risk, but if you like, it can serve as a guide if you’re thinking of doing something similar. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  🙂 Happy viewing.

  • On our way to church in Dintikon (Lenzburg, Aargu), Switzerland, I spotted this beautiful, arty, matching building and van. I had to stop to take 2 pictures. ❤


  •  Beautiful lake view. Peep the mountains too. So beautiful. Lucerne. Where next? 

  • The Mountain top. Who would have thought it? An African girl like me embracing the cold and even going to it, suited up in winter clothes and shoes. But it was really interesting. Surreal. I loved it, after I’d stopped shivering. In case you’d like to visit, see:
  • We had lunch at the revolving restaurant Rondorama atop Mount Stanserhorn. (Stanserhorn, Lucerne) ❤ After that, we did some shopping and walking.


  • The blue sky, the white building and structural art-architecture = love. #Lucerne. 

  • When you can’t choose one, pick all.  Lucerne bridge (Kapellbrücke) and a lone swan. ❤  This view was breath-taking. Next stop:


  • beautiful Zurich: artwork. like a painting. blue skies and white clouds. #Zurich
  • More to see:
  • Beautiful Zurich. Since I had a day ticket on any ride, I hopped on the polybahn and even toured the university of Zurich. It’s funny how I felt so free and unafraid: Touring alone and there were no racist looks. Everyone seemed so friendly. I had a delicious baguette sandwich and a drink, while sitting and listening to a musician play beautifully and watching a swan dance alone on the beautifully, sparkling sea. And finally:


  • Beautiful Geneva ❤ – I toured all the UN areas and just took it all in, taking fewer pictures and toured on sea since I had a day ticket on any ride, till it was time to catch my train to Lyon and onward to Italy. Italia, here I come!! ^__^ Switzerland, one day I’ll return. ❤


  • Ps. Switzerland is divided into: Swiss-German, Swiss-French and Swiss-Italian. It’s a lovely country to visit (expensive tho). Worth it. Some Swiss-German words I learnt.
  1. Guete morge – Good morning
  2. Guet Nacht – Good night
  3. Gruezi/Hoi – Hello (Formal/Informal)
  4. Danka – Thank you
  5. Ade/Tschuss – Bye (Formal/Informal)
  6. En guete – Bon appetit (Enjoy your meal)
  7. Ih mue go bisle – Need to go to the loo
  8. Schons tagli no – Have a nice day
  9. Scloss – Castel (We visited two in Aargu, Lenzburg – Schloss Wildegg Museum and Schloss Lenzburg Museum)
  10. Shwiiz (Suisse) & Svizzera (Switzerland)


See you in the next post – photos of Italy ❤

With love,

Mimi Omof (withaheartofart)

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