Part 2 (Continued) – Hello Italy <3

Hello dear reader,

Hope you’ve had a lovely adventurous day/week.

If not (or even if yes), you can have one by reading this adventure and if you haven’t, you should read – especially if you’re an adventurer/risk taker like me 🙂 – (so it’s a kinda tips-post on:) how to book a round trip to visit your fav cities on a student-friendly budget:

I decided to share my pictures with the world and my stories too. I mean – what’s the point of going on an adventure and not sharing stories, and all my eyes have seen?

So here goes. Do enjoy.


Sequel to my previous post:

I could not go straight from Geneva to Italy so I had to transit via Lyon, France. My train arrived in the afternoon so I did some touring in Lyon in the evening. Lyon was beautiful at night – I didn’t see much but just walking about la confluence was a beautiful enough adventure. Also the hotel staff were really kind and helpful – Hotel Kyriad, Lyon. ❤

On the way to my room, I read this beautiful message which confirmed that this adventure was predestined and going to be an adventure to remember forever. ❤ :

C’est l’histoire d’un voyageur qui parcourt l’espace d’un coup d’oeil
pour ouvrir une porte donnant sur une nouvelle histoire. ❤

In English it means:

This is the story of a traveler (me *smiles*) who travels (sees the world) at a glance (so accurate) through space (indeed. for it was brief and beautiful. and oh thank you google – space: position {two or more items – places, in this case – at a distance from one another.) in order to open a door (doors, please) to a new (beautiful) story.

So welcome & here goes:

Italia. To Italy, with love.

First, Milano.

And first, dinner. I met a lovely Finnish lady who took me to her go-to restaurant when she visits Milan. We had ice-cream too but no pictures for you (lol). just pizza above.

Then I slept. Tired and all. And the next day, I was up and toured:

The Duomo (Church) de Milano is beauuutiful on the inside and out. I cannot describe how beautiful it is! You just have to see it for yourself. The details, the art, sculpting, crafting. I’m like THIS IS ART!!!!

Then I’m like calm down, because this is just (i don’t even have the words) ❤ __ ❤

More? Yes, please!

Just there glancing at and photographing all the art & beauty.

Such a beautiful detailed building. love!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just me, art and photography. oh and the Duomo di Milano. ❤

Still in Milan;

Just walking and seeing and photoing lovely art and whatever I love. From KFC with a total stranger (think he helped to take pictures of me; a student if i remember; then helped me find my way to Sforza castle and then left) to visiting Santa Maria delle Grazie (Church with Da Vinci’s Last Supper) and just doing what tourists do y’know. 🙂

Next day, a few more tours and mostly indoors: I really love this exhibition.. enjoy:

First of all, lemme just say this. I didn’t always do the restaurant dining ish. I ate like a local on a normal day. Went into a supermarket – bought baguettes, cooked pasta or whatever and fruits, water, juices, etc. It made more sense and I had stuff like biscuits, chocolates and bread to snack on. But because I wanted to taste the gorgeous cake I saw at this museum (and before they will say – you came to see and you dinot eat – yep Nigerian mentality,.. I’m talking about me lol because Nigeria has made me think Nigerians think that way *shrugs* (I’m just joking – I really wanted to have this and it was delicious) It’s funny but I can actually remember. Journeying continues below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wasn’t that beautiful to watch? Like a mini movie. The Art of Living Exhibition.

The Art of Living Outside comes next. Don’t touch that ‘mouse’. lol. Enjoy the ‘wild life’:

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And finally, the Art of Living Artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Guess where I’m off to next? If you did not know (lol), it means that you didn’t read the first blog (so go back up – like in the snake and ladder game to read it.)


You guessed right! Venezia

When I arrived, I was like ‘flabber, flabber, flabbergasted!’ Such a beautiful city. It was one of my best, maybe even the best. I saw it in a day and it felt like I’d lived there forever. I can’t wait to go back some day and maybe even live there. What a beaut!

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I took pictures right from the train station till I got to my accommodation. It is that beautiful I’m not even playing. The last photo is blood orange. First time seeing and eating that and it tasted really nice – not sour like grapefruit. Venice ❤ __ ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Outdoor Art in Venice: Venice, the city of Love – self love and to another; Venice – the city on water. Such a beauuuutifuuuul city. Wow. I miss you. See you again baby x__x lol. The great thing about Venice is it never gets old. I really cannot wait to tour it again someday – probably with someone I’m in love with. Its a beautiful honeymoon location.

pink photo with writing zoomed in below (in case you want to read):

IMG_5749Indoor Art in Venice. Venice is all about art and love. Loving and discovering yourself. Not just romantic love. Italy in general – where I visited – appreciates art in every form.


This photo is not so clear but I’m sure you can tell that I was pretty pleased with my glances of Venice. Its funny: I was ill before and during my travels but don’t look it.


And finally, Florence ❤ (and a bit of the Tuscany region).

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Walking in the Tuscany region, where my accommodation was (with an acquaintance), I saw this beautiful tiny building and just had to take a picture of it. It’s so cute. (below)


Florence’s beauty was purely artistic. The art work, the paintings, the sculptures from years ago will leave you speechless. The art is classical, endearing and never ending.

At a point, it seemed boring I won’t lie (but I blame that on nostalgia: leaving Venice; fatigue and missing my train to Florence. Regardless of the feelings, I toured, dined and had a great time (both in Tavernelle Val di Pesa, Tuscany and in Florence itself.)

I’m so sorry Florence, I love you too. lol. Renaissance art. I love all art. ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is absolutely breathtaking!

I think I spent nearly a whole day here. It is a beautiful building! You can’t get enough!

I’ll just sandwich this here: This right here is what happens to women almost every day of our lives. We just like it all and we have to share it all. Okay? Okay.

Then I went to glance and photography the Ponte (bridge) Vecchio. See it below:


The bridge looks like and is an art work; so beautiful – buildings & a bridge! ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actually, the Florence Duomo (The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore) by Filippo Brunelleschi issa large cathedral. I’m not even kidding. I was literally like ‘haba, it have not finish ni? We went to every nook and cranny, the top and climbing up stairs and all. Still the looking was not over. Detailing, art, drawing.. it’s really Renaissance with love.


When in Italy, sing Ave Mariaaaaa 🙂 hehe

IMG_6449I also walked around the Palazzo Vecchio. I can’t remember going in, i was probly too tired. The Duomo had taken all my energy and it kept being so alluring! Florence! ❤

IMG_6292The Florentine Pieta (The Deposition) – Sculpture by Francesco Francia and Michelangelo ❤

and finally,

IMG_6290The Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti in the Opera del Duomo.


Florence was truly beautiful but in terms of rating, Its Venice – Milan – Florence for me.

What I love about each city is that it portrays something unique to the traveler. I’d say Milan is more about fashion (Google Corso Buenos Aires – longest shopping street in Europe), design, and contemporary art – the luxury, details and stuff like that; Venice is about the artist: i feel like every artist will find his/her place here – painters, photographers, poets, writers, lovers, designers, curators, architects, fashion designers, all lovers of art. The artist will love her. And Florence – is about renaissance art, architectural art and exquisite detailing, oh my.


Ps. I know that in my first post, I promised that the sequel would have minimal talking, I’m sorry. I’m human. This happens. & I love telling stories. Hope you still enjoyed it. ❤


Here’s a large vase of flowers  for you. ❤

See you in Nice and Barcelona. x

With love,

Mimi Omof (withaheartofart)

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